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After the Rise in Fennel, Selling Will Be Profitable

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The market has definitely gained momentum due to seasonal rains affecting the fennel crop in Gujarat and Rajasthan, but selling the goods at higher rates will be beneficial.

Small fennel is coming in the Lucknow line of UP there too. The crop is said to be good. The weather has also a temporary effect on it. The production of all-around small and fine fennel has increased, due to which the prices are high.

Significantly fennel is of two types, thin and thick. Coarse fennel is found in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, while fine fennel is found in Lucknow, Unnao, Sitapur, Hardoi, and Sultanpur lines of UP. Coarse fennel has started coming all around and is available in domestic shops. Due to the buying of all-around stockists at a lower price, the market kept rising.

Future Scenario

Overall there appears to be immense potential for growth within the Indian fennel market, setting up good opportunities for present businesses and those who want to invest their resources into it over the next few years. The prevalence of modern technologies will allow each stakeholder involved to bring forth innovative techniques like an improved supply chain management system which may further stimulate its sales going forward.

The fennel seeds grade A 99  prices were recorded at $2,37 per kg FOB.

Import/Export Statistics

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