440 Percent Increase Potatoes and Onions Crisis in Türkiye European Potatoes Fall Victim to Extreme Weather Conditions Lack of Raw Materials in Europe Has Increased the Price of Potatoes for Processing

440 Percent Increase: Potato and Onion Crisis in Türkiye

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Türkiye may enter a crisis period this summer, especially in potatoes and onions, due to both supply problems and weather conditions. Dried onions, which were sold at the highest price of 5 TL per kilogram in April last year in Antalya, increased by 440 percent to 27 TL in April 2023. Tomatoes sold at 12 TL increased to 18 TL.

In a statement to the Turkish media, Yüksel Tavşan, the president of the Union of Wholesale Markets, said that they do not expect a big problem in the harvest of vegetables and fruits this year and that they do not see a problem in the shipment from the earthquake zone, but noted that abundance will not bring cheapness.

Stating that high costs prevented the price decrease, President Tavşan said, “It is now difficult to eat products for 5 TL and 10 TL. Even 10 TL is difficult. If it goes below these prices, the producer will be miserable this time. It should be considered seriously cheap to have products for 5-10 TL in the markets. When this goes to retail, the product sold for 5 TL is sold for 10 TL. When there are a lot of vegetables and fruits, there may be a price drop, but the producer really loses a lot there,” he said.

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