A Gradual Decrease in Sesame Is Expected in the Coming Days

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Due to the continuous decrease in the demand for Indian Turmeric Sesame abroad, the new deal for the import of white sesame has stopped. Customers of Indian Turmeric Sesame are now getting Turmeric Sesame from Mozambique and Nigeria at much lower prices. Thus, the years-old monopoly of Indian Turmeric Sesame is now coming to an end.

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The import deal for white sesame was done earlier, and now, due to significantly fewer new deals, there is no possibility of importing more than 12000 to 15000 tonnes of white sesame in India.

Rain destroyed the crops

In India, most of the sesame crops had been destroyed in the rains during the first two weeks of October. The condition of the Sesame crop in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh was excellent till the end of September. There was the possibility of a bumper production of Sesame. Still, due to heavy rains in the first 2 weeks of October, the crop of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh was severely damaged. The quality of the produce left in these two states was extensively damaged.

Sesame is not likely to slow down further due to less possibility of large export shipments. The sesame market is expected to remain strong in most of the range.

$300 higher price per ton

There is no possibility of export demand for Indian Sesame in the current year because Indian Sesame is the costliest in the global market, and the price of Indian Sesame is higher by $300 to $350 per ton as compared to African Sesame. Due to the lack of possibility of India getting an order in South Korea’s tender, the bond was filled only for 2000 tonnes, and India did not get an order in Korea’s tender.

In the absence of domestic demand for white and black sesame, there is no possibility of a boom. Going forward, the price will gradually decrease.

The Sesame seeds hulled 99.95% sortex prices were recorded at $2,18 per kg FOB.

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