fennel seeds, A Harvest Surge in Gujarat Delights Fennel Farmers

A Harvest Surge in Gujarat Delights Fennel Farmers Record Sowing Sees a 132% Surge, Weather Smiles on Gujarat Fields

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A Fennel Fiesta in Gujarat’s Heartlands

In the heartlands of Gujarat, a fennel fiesta is in full swing, and the fields are glowing. The State Agriculture Department’s recent data reveals a whopping 132% increase in fennel sowing compared to the same period last season, painting a picture of prosperity for the farmers. Gujarat’s fertile lands boast a current fennel sowing span of 32,500 hectares, a significant leap from the 14,000 hectares witnessed a year ago, marking an 18,500-hectare increase.

Saurashtra’s Fennel Revolution


In Saurashtra, a fennel revolution is underway with a surge from 7,800 hectares to 23,800 hectares in the current season. This increase not only reflects a growth in land cultivation but also a promising economic bloom for the region. North Gujarat also showcases commendable growth with a 32.07% increase in fennel sowing, expanding from 5,300 hectares to 7,000 hectares.


Kutch and Central Gujarat Join the Green Wave

Kutch’s arid landscapes are experiencing a green revolution with an 80% increase in fennel cultivation, going from 500 to 900 hectares. Central Gujarat is also part of this fennel festivity, showing a 75% growth in its sowing area from 400 to 700 hectares, highlighting the region’s commitment to agricultural prosperity.


Predictions of a Bumper Fennel Harvest

Traders, observing these trends, anticipate a bumper fennel harvest this season. The attractive prices have motivated farmers, suggesting a bright future for Gujarat’s fennel fields. This agricultural transformation is symbolized by the vibrant hues of growing fennel across Gujarat’s lands.


The surge in fennel farming across various regions of Gujarat, reflecting substantial growth in both sowing areas and potential economic benefits, indicates a highly positive and transformative phase in the state’s agricultural sector.

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