Black Bean Prices Surge in China's Dalian Region Amid Supply Reduction

Black Bean Prices Surge in China’s Dalian Region Amid Supply Reduction

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In the Dalian region of China, recent developments have led to a surge in black bean prices as producing areas implement supply reduction measures. However, despite the price increase, grain merchants have shown limited enthusiasm for selling at low prices. Traders are cautiously observing the market dynamics, with some tentatively raising prices while others maintain stability.

Supply Reduction Impact

The reduction in supply from producing areas has exerted upward pressure on black bean prices, signaling a strong price trend. However, market acceptance of these price hikes remains limited, prompting traders to adopt a cautious approach.

Market Dynamics

Zhuochuang Information, a leading source of market insights, anticipates a slight uptick in prices in the short term. However, the extent of this increase largely depends on the procurement situation in the market. Traders are closely monitoring purchasing activities to gauge future price movements.The recent surge in black bean prices in China’s Dalian region reflects the impact of supply reduction measures implemented by producing areas. While prices have risen, market dynamics suggest a cautious approach among traders, with limited enthusiasm for selling at current levels. As the market evolves, ongoing monitoring of procurement activities will be crucial in determining future price trends.

Current Market Price in China for Black kidney bean

Product  Name

Chinese Black Kidney Bean

Moisture16% max
Package25kg PP bag
Loading22mt /20GP
Conv. Fob DalianUSD 1260-1290/mt – EURO 1186-1214/mt
Org.  Fob DalianUSD 1330-1360/mt – EURO 1252-1280/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract