Black pepper India: Export rise in 2021?

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Will India’s black pepper export rise in 2021?

Due to lower prices, farmers reducing pepper planting in Vietnam this year thus India will now have a better chance of exporting. [swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please <a href=>login</a> or <a href=>sign up now</a>.’]

After claiming by local traders association, government has revoked company’s license which are included in illegal pepper import via Nepal border. Because of this currently spot market remained steady at higher point. Other side, new season’s pepper planting is already started in Vietnam. As farmers got lower prices last year, this time pepper sowing is expected to decrease by 30% in Vietnam.

According to department of Vietnam customs, country’s pepper export was 1,6896 tons in January’21 which is lower by 15.11% compare to last month. And exporters mainly exporting Gia Lai province’s pepper in large extent. Now as per the recent sowing data, farmers expecting 60% decrease in pepper sowing in Gia Lai province. And if that happen then Vietnam’s pepper export can be decreased in global market otherwise exporters have to sell their pepper at higher price due to lack of supply which will be a good news for Indian exporters.

Remember, in global market there are three top exporters of pepper – Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia which are accounted 89% of export in international market. So, a decline in Vietnam’s pepper production alone will not boost India’s pepper export. India will have to boost their production with good quality and offer attractive prices.