Chinese Adzuki Beans: Harvest Amidst Weather Concerns

Chinese Adzuki Beans: Harvest Amidst Weather Concerns

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Dalian: Chinese adzuki beans export prices remained stable as the market continued to wait for new pulses to hit the market. There are concerns about the weather conditions during the harvest. If the weather is good, it is expected to be listed after September 20.

The export market is mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia. However, market demand for organic adzuki beans is decreasing year by year in the Netherlands and the United States. Short-term adzuki bean prices may continue to be stable.

Current Market Price in Chinese Adzuki Beans

Product NameChinese adzuki beans
Size5.0mm up
Moisture14.5% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUsd 1580-1610/mt
Organic     FOB DalianUsd 1670-1690
Delivery25 days after signing the contract

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