Chinese Lentils: Export Market Is Weak, but Prices Are Raising

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Small Lentil

TIANJIN: Exporters report higher prices due to severe shortages of lentils. However, the export market is sluggish and the domestic market has sporadic sales. Traders are in a tough spot. It is difficult for traders to obtain low-cost raw materials. The port export volume has dropped by more than 40% year on year, and domestic lentils are not competitive.

Recently, importers such as Italy are concerned about when the new season lentils will be available. Exporters are looking forward to an upturn in the lentil market for the new season of 2022. In terms of prices, farmers are reluctant to sell at low prices, and prices have risen. Exporters predict that the market downturn will continue. Be aware of changes in ocean shipping markets and prices.

Current Market Price in China for small lentil

Product nameChinese Small Lentils
QualityGrade A
Package25 kg PP bag
MOQ22 Tons
PriceUsd 1570-1610/mt

Organic Small Lentil

Tianjin: According to market research and feedback, there has been a shortage of organic lentils recently, and the price has begun to rise. However, the transaction volume is not significant due to the sluggish market demand and the sluggish export market. At the same time, affected by the epidemic, the market’s purchasing power has declined, and the number of domestic high-quality organic lentils entering the domestic high-end market and major supermarkets has decreased significantly year on year.

In terms of exports, the traditional importer Italian market demand has decreased, and the price of organic lentils is US$1.640-1.670 per ton. Foreign importers report that import costs are too high and they are cautious in purchasing. At present, the sea freight rate is declining, which is beneficial to the export market, but it is expected that the export situation will be difficult to change in the short term. Exporters are in trouble, and importers continue to pay attention to changes in the Chinese market.

Current Market Price in China for Organic Small Lentil

Product  NameOrganic small lentil
Size3.0-4.5 mm
Moisture15% max
Package25kg PP bag
Loading22mt /20GP
Fob DalianUsd 1640-1670/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract