Corn harvest finsih in Hungary

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Harvest of feed corn is getting close to its end in Hungary. The average yield is 5,74 Mt / ha, significantly less than in the last year when the yield was 8,58 Mt/Ha. The farmers keep back their goods and wait for higher prices although the price is pretty above 260 EUR/Mt. Currently, there is strong demand dominated market. According to traders, there is little chance for bigger export stocks because the fewer harvested total new crop.

Hungarian Oil Sunflower seed harvest is finished. Average yield 2,60 Mt/Ha. Last year yielded 2,81 Mt/Ha.

Concerning wheat, it can be said that there are still free stocks, but the farmers keep back them as in the case of corn. Sowing of winter wheat is underway. The total estimated Ha is 960.000 Ha, which is bigger than the last year when due to the heavy rain last year’s October interval, the total final fields were 840.000 Ha.

Experts say the grain segment has to prepare itself for productivity decrease because the fertilizer prices are 400-500% higher than the last year. Pesticides prices are 30% higher. Gas price is by 100% higher. Altogether among the input prices, the fertilizers have increased the most, which will cause the farmers to mitigate the usage of fertilizer, which will foreseeingly bring about yield loss, which predicted loss would even stabilize the current high price levels.

Milling wheat 268 EUR FCA HU

Feed wheat: 260 EUR FCA HU

Feed corn : 268-277 EUR/Mt FCA HU

Sunflower seed: 583 EUR/Mt FCA HU

Rape seed: 670 EUR/Mt FCA HU