Dalian: Increased Planting and Ample Supply of Hulled Millet Expected This Season

Dalian: Increased Planting and Ample Supply of Hulled Millet Expected This Season

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Favorable Growing Conditions Boost Planting

In Dalian, the new season has seen a significant increase in cereal planting areas, with normal rainfall contributing to favorable growth conditions. As a result, the total autumn output of hulled millet is expected to rise, although market participants remain cautious in their operations.

Sufficient Market Supply and Increased Enthusiasm for Shipping

The overall supply in the market is sufficient, with both farmers and grain merchants showing heightened enthusiasm for shipping their goods. This increased activity has led to greater supply pressure within the circulation chain, ensuring that the market remains well-stocked.

Decreased Factory Production and Shrinking Downstream Demand

During the off-season, factory production has decreased, leading to a reduction in the amount of raw grain cereals being processed. This has resulted in an increase in inventory levels as production halts to manage stock more effectively. Additionally, downstream demand has shrunk compared to the same period last month, adding to the cautious market sentiment.

The increased planting and favorable weather conditions suggest a promising autumn harvest for hulled millet in Dalian. However, the cautious approach of market participants and reduced factory production highlight the need for careful inventory management and market monitoring. Stakeholders should remain vigilant to optimize their strategies and respond effectively to the evolving market conditions.

Product Name

Chinese Hulled Millet

Moisture10% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUSD 1230-1250/mt – EURO 1145-1163/mt
Organic  FOB DALIANUSD 1290-1320/mt – EURO 1201-1229/mt
Delivery25 days after signing the contract