Dry ginger market stable as temperatures rise

Dry ginger market stable as temperatures rise

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No Expected Price Surge for Dry Ginger as Weather Warms

As temperatures begin to climb, the dry ginger sector faces disruptions in its cultivation processes, leading experts to predict a stable pricing landscape for the commodity in the near future.

Ginger Prices Fall After Market Correction


The inflow of ginger into wholesale markets has slowed down due to limited supply from key areas like Bangalore and Satara. This decline in supply has led to a recent price adjustment, with ginger now priced between $0.96 and $1.02 per kilogram, down from $2.40 to $2.70. The earlier high prices were driven by strong market demand, which prompted farmers to sell a large portion of their crops.

Challenges and Adjustments in the Supply Chain

Limited supplies and rising temperatures are creating a unique set of challenges for the dry ginger market, particularly affecting the production side. Despite these hurdles, stockists have managed to increase their sales, while the Kochi market in Kerala remains relatively unaffected by the new crop’s arrival. High selling prices have prompted producers to offload the majority of their ginger stocks, leading to a recent price recalibration of $12, with the cost now hovering around $4,44 to $4,56 per kg.

Future Outlook on Dry Ginger Pricing

Even with occasional arrivals of new crops in Kerala commanding higher prices, the overall market for dry ginger in Kochi is tight, leading to a slight increase in prices to $5,10 to $5,40 per kg. Despite these fluctuations, the market outlook suggests a continued stability in dry ginger prices, ensuring a balanced scenario for both producers and consumers in the days ahead.

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