Exports Peak Due to Reasonable Garlic Rates

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Garlic being cheap is boosting its exports. Garlic is being exported in abundance this year. During the first 7 months of the current financial year itself, exports have been more than 4 times the total exports of the previous financial year.

About 4.5 times more garlic has been exported

20,181.10 tonnes of garlic were exported from the country in the April-October period of the year 2022-23. In the previous year, it was 4,489.90 tonnes. Obviously, in the first 7 months of the current financial year, about 4.5 times more garlic has been shipped than the whole garlic exported during the last financial year.

The country’s garlic price has been running more than $1,21 per kg for the last few years. Due to this, the demand for Indian garlic was weak in the export market, and there was a lot of demand for Chinese garlic. This year, the price of garlic in the country ranges from $0,097 to $0,36 per kg. That’s why the demand is mainly from Bangladesh, has increased.

Unique flavour

Currently, prices are favourable for exports, and many importers are interested in purchasing Indian Garlic due to its flavour like none other. Thus, looking at every situation, affordable garlic prices, and reasonable freight charges, the export demand for garlic will remain strong in the future by veterans of the market.

Import/Export Statistics

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