Fennel Cultivation Sees a Remarkable Surge in Gujarat

Fennel Cultivation Sees a Remarkable Surge in Gujarat

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Gujarat has witnessed a remarkable doubling in the sowing of fennel in the current season, attributed to favorable market prices and weather conditions, as reported by the State Agriculture Department.

Statewide Increase in Fennel Sowing

 The total area of fennel cultivation in Gujarat has reached 68,600 hectares, a substantial increase from 34,000 hectares in the previous year. This 101.76 percent growth in sowing area indicates a significant upsurge in fennel cultivation across the state.

Regional Insights

Fennel cultivation has increased across all four major producing regions in Gujarat, with the most notable increases observed in Kutch, Central Gujarat, and Saurashtra.

1_ Saurashtra Leads in Production

Saurashtra, being the largest fennel-producing region in Gujarat, has shown a remarkable increase in cultivation. Fennel sowing in this region has expanded to 51,200 hectares from 21,900 hectares in the previous year, marking a 133.78 percent increase.

2_ Notable Growth in Kutch

Kutch has experienced the highest growth in fennel sowing, with the area under cultivation rising from 1,700 hectares to 4,800 hectares. This significant jump of 182.35 percent highlights the region’s growing contribution to fennel production.

 3_ Central Gujarat’s Steady Increase

Central Gujarat also reported a substantial increase, with fennel sowing growing from 500 hectares to 1,400 hectares, indicating a 180 percent increase.

4_ Moderate Growth in North Gujarat

North Gujarat showed a modest increase in fennel cultivation, from 10,000 hectares to 10,200 hectares, marking a 2 percent growth.


The data from the State Agriculture Department reflects a positive trend in fennel cultivation in Gujarat, driven by favorable conditions and encouraging market prices. This growth in the agricultural sector is a significant development for the state’s economy and for the farmers engaged in fennel cultivation.


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