Fennel Export Demand Soars as India Aims for the Top Fennel's Rain Dance: A Whirlwind of Market Moves

Fennel Export Demand Soars as India Aims for the Top

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Fennel, the aromatic herb that had long been used as a digestive and mouth freshener, will rise if the export demand remains strong. Fennel is a preferred herb in many cultures, and Indian fennel exports have found their way to various countries globally, including Europe and America. However, China, Malaysia, and Bangladesh have recently emerged as the top buyers. 


During a meeting held in Mumbai last year, there was an estimation that the production of fennel would reach around 2.0-2.1 million bags. That markedly increased from producing 1.46 bags revised in previous years. 


Meanwhile, due to the high price of fennel, farmers have shown interest in selling their crop, as up to 1.2 million bags of it have already hit the markets. Despite a decrease of 30% in sowing at Abu Road in the current year, more than 85 to 90% of the fennel crop has already come into the market.


Increasing demand


The demand for fennel has been increasing steadily, especially since last year when the carry-forward stock was zero. Consequently, the demand for 75000 to 80000 sacks of fennel was fulfilled by the fresh crop from Madhya Pradesh’s Barwani centre, which has helped cater to the annual domestic consumption of fennel around 1.2 to 1.250 million bags this year.


India’s biggest competitor in the production of fennel is Egypt. Nevertheless, the demand for fennel continues to soar, with a forecast of exporting 0.5 million bags of it this year, with last year’s exports totaling around 21000-22000 tonnes. At the same time, this season expects to see exports between 27.50 to 28 thousand tonnes due to the skyrocketing demand. 


It is an exciting time for Indian fennel farmers, and the current season promises significant returns.

The fennel seeds grade A 99 prices were recorded at $2,03 per kg FOB

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