Fennel Frenzy Prices Expected to Skyrocket

Fennel Frenzy Prices Expected to Skyrocket Supply Shortage and Growing Demand Fuel a Surge in Fennel Prices

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The production of fennel and cumin is racing ahead on a fast track, with a staggering 45-46% decrease in production. Domestic shops are left with limited stock, leading to speculations of a further increase in fennel prices.

The supply of fennel in Unjha (Gujarat), Porbandar, Saurashtra, Merta, Niwada, and Bikaner (Rajasthan), as well as Jodhpur, has witnessed an average reduction of 45-46%. Similar to cumin, fennel crops have also suffered substantial losses. Moreover, the supply of premium fennel from the Lucknow-Bareilly region has also declined this season. Consequently, as the demand from pickle makers rises, the fennel market has witnessed a continuous increase.

The arrival of the new crop has left very little of the old stock, and a significant amount of fennel is being exported to Bangladesh and Nepal. The pickle manufacturing companies in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are purchasing fennel at any price, further exacerbating the situation. Considering these circumstances, it is predicted that the cost of fennel may soar in July. With approximately nine months remaining until the arrival of the new crop, the shops are facing a need for more stock. 

Due to the scarcity, sellers are reluctant to reduce the prices. Some traders have even struck deals for thick fennel until July, procuring goods from producer shops for future delivery. As a result, markets in Bikaner and Jodhpur are experiencing rapid growth, while Indore and Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) are also witnessing a surge in demand. The supply of fennel in the Neemuch region has remained extremely limited, suggesting a further decline. 

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