Government Takes All the Necessary Steps to Control the Prices of Onion - Strategic Measures to Mitigate the Onion Predicament in Maharashtra India

Government Takes All the Necessary Steps to Control the Prices of Onion BUT AT CERTAIN POINTS THEY ARE ALSO HELPLESS.

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Onion are produced for two seasons

Onion is one of the major crops of India. It is having huge demand in domestic as well as in the global market. The onion availability is ensured throughout the calendar year because these crops are seasonal and at some point, there will be a deficit in its stock. 

Onion is produced in two seasons; one is the Rabi season and another one is the Kharif season. The Rabi crop of the present year 21.9 Metric Tonnes has already arrived in the market, the remaining 10 Million tonnes will arrive in the late Kharif season. The sowing of Kharif onion is underway and the arrival of late Kharif onion is meant to meet the demand of the winter season.

Rohit Kumar Singh, Consumer Affairs Secretary said that “Out of 31.9 Million Tonnes, a big supply of 21.9 Million Tonnes from the Rabi season is already with us. From this, the government has procured 0.3 Million tonnes for buffer stock. The remaining 10 Million tonnes will arrive in August – November.”

Hike in the prices

Generally, Rabi season onion stock gets exhausted during the winter season and its prices also shoot up.  Fresh Kharif onion cannot be stored but if spread is created for the production plus storage, the spike in prices can be avoided. 

The Consumer Affairs Ministry has requested the Agriculture Ministry to give more incentives and motivation to farmers for Kharif onion season during the festival period to avoid any spike in prices – a top government official said on Friday.

Again Singh said that “The Kharif onion plays a critical role during the festival period in winter. To ensure availability during that time, we have requested the agriculture ministry to give more incentive and impetus to Kharif onions. This point was emphasized in the meeting of the cabinet secretary yesterday.”

India’s onion production and its increased prices

 The total production of onions in the present calendar year is estimated at 31.9 Million tonnes. It is a bit lower compared to the previous year’s production of 32.4 Million tonnes. Recently, the price has increased due to damage to stored onions due to rain. 

Maharashtra is one of the major states for onion production. In the main market, Pimpalgaon wholesale prices of onion have increased from USD 0,207 to 0,29 per kg. In the same way as Delhi’s Azadpur Market, prices have increased from USD 0,18 to 0.227 per kg.

Santram Dongre, an onion farmer from Maharashtra’s Nashik district, said that the onions kept in the warehouses are damaged due to rain. That’s why farmers are giving more emphasis on removing damaged onions as first priority because the prices of damaged onions are very low. But the prices of good quality onions are increasing.

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