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High Chance of Price Increase in the White Sesame Market Intriguing International Market Dynamics

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In the realm of white sesame, a fascinating tale of market dynamics is unfolding on both global and Indian fronts. Market veterans suggest the white sesame market is poised for potential price surges shortly. A discerning eye on these market movements reveals a nuanced narrative.

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India, a substantial importer of sesame seeds, has recently procured sizable quantities from Brazil – around 25 to 30 thousand tons at prices ranging from $1500 to $1600 per ton. These imports will reach Indian shores in the coming months, particularly September-October. A noteworthy observation is a dichotomy between the utilization of these imported seeds: 50% are intended for the natural oil market, while the remaining half will find their place in the hulled factories. 

International scene

However, the international scene introduces complex variables. The situation in Sudan and Ethiopia, two prominent exporters of sesame seeds, is currently tumultuous due to internal conflicts and warfare. This instability casts uncertainty over their export potential. Meanwhile, in countries like Tanzania-Mozambique and Nigeria, the narrative of the sesame crop still needs to be learned. Other nations such as Burkina Faso, Mali, and Togo are anticipating the arrival of a new sesame crop in November, shaping the global scenario. A recent twist in the narrative emerges from South Korea’s unfulfilled bid. This event resonates globally like a pebble’s ripple in a tranquil pond. The ripple effect is bullish, conveying a message that echoes through international trading waters.

The kharif sesame production status in India appears dim in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. A silver lining is the relatively positive condition of sesame crops in Bundelkhand, while Rajasthan has witnessed a decrease in cultivation. These shifting dynamics hint at an impending reconfiguration of the sesame landscape. The intersection of international imports, domestic production, and festive season demand heralds a balancing act of price dynamics. While temporary price decreases are possible upon the arrival of imported sesame from Brazil, the looming festive season and international uncertainties could pave the way for price hikes.


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