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India Agriculture Ministry Estimates 6% Drop In Kharif Rice Output This Season

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According to the Indian government’s estimates, the country’s rice production is set to see a decline in the kharif season this year, mainly attributed to a drop in paddy acreage.

There is likely to be a six percent decline – approximately 104 million tonnes – in output this season in light of poor rains in key rice-producing states.

The Agriculture Ministry’s first advance estimate sees kharif crop for the 2022-23 year dropping from the 111 million tonne figure from a year ago.

Paddy coverage in key states has dropped, as evidenced by the following numbers:

  • Jharkhand (9.37 million hectares)
  • Madhya Pradesh (6.32 million hectares)
  • West Bengal (3.65 million hectares)
  • Uttar Pradesh (2.48 million hectares)
  • Bihar (1.97 million hectares)

The kharif season contributes to 85% of India’s total rice production, with the rest coming from the rabi season.

Estimates see the subcontinent’s food-grain production falling to 149.92 million tonnes in the 2022-23 season as against 156.04 million tonnes in the 2021-22 season.

However, these are initial estimates and experts see rainfall revival to narrow down the deficit by the end of the season.

Source: Economic times