Indian Ginger: No Possibility of Downtrend

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After good rains in the beginning of the current August, now the weather has started clearing up in southern India including Kerala and Karnataka. There was information about bright sunlight in Kochi. Due to this, the supply of ginger is expected to improve. There is no possibility of a slowdown in the prices of ginger in coming days.

Earlier there were reports of heavy rainfall at many places and floods in some areas in the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra etc. After a short wait, the monsoon has become active in the capital Delhi as well. Due to this the temperature has started decreasing. However, the wait for good rains is still on. The sale of dry ginger remains sluggish. Recently it had fallen. On the other hand, there has never been enough pressure since the arrival of new dry ginger in Kochi, Kerala. Ginger is coming here only from Bangalore. Here ginger recently gained $0,19 per kg and is currently at $0,70 to $0,78 per kg level. Experts state because of weak buying by the stockists, the dry ginger has fallen.

There is an atmosphere of lethargy in other states due to the attitude of the millers towards the ginger of Aurangabad. It was reported that there was negligible arrival of dry ginger in Koch. Due to the comparatively low price, Aurangabad’s dry ginger remains attractive to the millers. It is to be known that despite the attractive price of ginger in the country, farmers are taking comparatively less interest in making dry ginger for the past several years. In the coming days, there is no possibility of a slowdown in near future.

The Ginger dried NUGC prices were Recorded at $1,96 per kg FOB.