Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation Announces Results of Second Sesame Seeds Tender

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Seoul, Korea – Following a closely watched tender process, the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation has just declared the successful bidders in its second round of sesame seed tender for the year 2024. The tender, which has been the subject of significant interest from the global agro-commodities community, has concluded with the announcement of the winning bids for the supply of normal-quality sesame seeds.

Tender Results at a Glance

  • Item on Offer: Sesame seeds (HS Code: 1207-40-0000)
  • Total Quantity Bidded: 3,300 metric tons
  • Bidding Process Concluded: All available quantity successfully allocated

The tender saw a diverse array of domestic agents placing bids, with origins of the sesame seeds spanning from Nigeria to Burkina Faso. The bidding numbers indicate a competitive round, with quantities ranging from 300 to 900 metric tons being secured at prices that showcase the keen market rates.

Successful Bidders

  • Agrisso Korea and Jaya Co., Ltd., among others, have been successful, securing quantities of 300 metric tons each.
  • The highlight of the bidding was the substantial 900 metric tons allocation to Arizu Walk and Best pick, marking a significant acquisition in the trade round.
  • The bids were competitively priced, with the lowest successful bid price reported at $2,134.45/ton and other bids closing at $2,150.00/ton.

Context and Expectations

The tender invitation by the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation was aimed at bolstering the supply of sesame seeds for the Korean market. With a transparent bidding process and clear guidelines, the corporation welcomed bids for two lots with significant quantities. The tenders were identified by numbers AT2636-SI-23(855) and AT2637-SI-23(856), each offering different quantities and delivery schedules.

The procurement of sesame seeds is set against the backdrop of a vibrant agro-fisheries trade in Korea, with the corporation facilitating a smooth transaction framework for international suppliers. The bidders were required to adhere to a stringent set of guidelines, ensuring the quality and timely delivery of the seeds to the designated port of Busan.

The corporation’s open approach to origins provided bidders with the flexibility needed in the current global trade environment. With a minimum allowable bid of 300 metric tons and a maximum of 900 metric tons, the tender ensured the participation of a wide range of suppliers.

Looking Forward

This successful tender marks another chapter in the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation’s commitment to excellence and reliability in the agro-commodities market. Stakeholders and suppliers who have secured bids in this round are expected to deliver their shipments by the stipulated arrival deadline, contributing significantly to the country’s sesame seed supply and overall trade health.

The conclusion of this tender sets a precedent for future bids and maintains Korea’s status as a competitive player in the international agro-fisheries market. The success of these participants exemplifies the robust interest and dynamic nature of global agricultural trade.


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