Lentil Shortage in China Sparks Price Surge

Lentil Shortage in China Sparks Price Surge

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Exporters from China report a significant scarcity of lentils, triggering a surge in prices. The export market faces challenges due to this shortage. While imported lentil stocks at low prices are piling up, sales in the domestic market are sluggish. However, the price advantage of imported lentils is evident, posing difficulties for selling domestic lentils both domestically and abroad.

As lentil supplies tighten, market dynamics are rapidly evolving, with implications for both domestic and international trade. Stay tuned for further updates as the situation unfolds.


Current Market Price in China for small lentil

Product name

Chinese Small Lentils

QualityGrade A
Package  25 kg PP bag
MOQ22 Tons
Conv.   FOB TianjinUSD 1950-1980/mt – EURO 1792-1820/mt
Organic. FOB TianjinUSD 2070-2100/mt – EURO 1902-1930/mt