Limited Supply of Chinese Hulled Millet in Dalian Amid Spring Sowing Season

Limited Supply of Chinese Hulled Millet in Dalian Amid Spring Sowing Season

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Farmers Reluctant to Sell Amid Limited Grain Sources

In Dalian, the availability of hulled millet from grassroots sources remains scarce as farmers are generally hesitant to sell their produce. Currently, farmers are preoccupied with spring sowing, leaving them with little time to ship millet, which has created challenges in loading and transportation.

Supply Constraints in the Circulation Link

The supply of hulled millet in the circulation link remains constrained, with no significant changes on the supply side. This limitation is due to both the reluctance of farmers to sell and the ongoing spring sowing activities.

Seasonal Decline in Demand

As national temperatures continue to rise, millet enters its traditional sales off-season. From a consumer perspective, warmer weather typically leads to a decrease in millet consumption and a shift in eating habits. Additionally, storage conditions become less favorable for millet during this period.

Export Market Impact

Export activities are sporadic, with exporters facing extended replenishment cycles. The insufficient number of orders has led to some phased production stops, indicating no significant change in overall demand for Chinese hulled millet.

Factors Influencing Future Millet Prices

Several factors will play a crucial role in determining whether prices for Chinese hulled millet will rise, remain stable, or fall in the coming months:

  • Farmer Selling Behavior: The reluctance of farmers to sell millet will continue to limit supply, potentially driving up prices if demand increases.
  • Spring Sowing Progress: As farmers complete spring sowing and become available to ship millet, supply constraints may ease.
  • Seasonal Consumption Patterns: Warmer temperatures traditionally lead to lower millet consumption, which could stabilize or lower prices.
  • Export Demand: Changes in export demand and replenishment cycles will also impact prices. A rise in export orders could drive prices up, while stagnant demand might keep prices stable or lead to a decrease.
  • Production Adjustments: Phased production stops and adjustments in response to market demand will influence supply levels and price stability.

Monitoring these factors will be essential for predicting future price trends for Chinese hulled millet in Dalian and beyond.

Current Market Price in FOB China for Chinese hulled millet

Product Name

Chinese Hulled Millet




10% max


25kg paper bag

Conventional FOB Dalian

USD 1180-1210/mt – EURO 1086-1114/mt


USD 1260-1290/mt – EURO 1160-1187/mt


25 days after signing the contract