Market Analysis: Dalian Exporters' Outlook for Sunflower Seeds

Market Analysis: Dalian Exporters’ Outlook for Sunflower Seeds

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Anticipated Off-Season and Temperature Trends

Exporters in Dalian are forecasting the market’s transition into the off-season as temperatures gradually increase, particularly expected in May. This shift in seasons is accompanied by a decline in market prices, prompting exporters to focus on de-stocking and adjusting purchasing strategies based on demand dynamics.

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Global Market Demand Dynamics

Market demand in key regions such as Europe and the United States is showing signs of gradual decrease, mirroring the seasonal shifts in agricultural markets. However, there is an emerging trend of increasing demand in the Southeast Asian market, presenting new opportunities for exporters.

Import Strategies and Price Trends

To meet domestic market demand amidst declining prices, some Chinese importers have opted to import European sunflower seeds at lower prices. This strategic move reflects the adaptability of market players in responding to changing price dynamics and consumer preferences.

Price Reference Points

Throughout the week, the reference prices for sunflower seeds have been as follows: confectionery-grade sunflower seeds ranging from US$1,460 to US$1,510 per tonne, and baking-grade sunflower seeds ranging from US$1,440 to US$1,530 per tonne. These prices are quoted FOB Tianjin or Dalian, serving as crucial benchmarks for market participants.

As the market approaches the off-season and adapts to changing temperature trends, exporters in Dalian are strategizing to navigate shifting demand dynamics and price fluctuations. The emergence of new market opportunities in Southeast Asia and strategic import decisions reflect the resilience and adaptability of the sunflower seed market amidst evolving conditions. Market participants will continue to monitor price references and adjust their strategies accordingly to maintain competitiveness in the global market.

Current Market Price in Fob Tianjin, China for sunflower kernel

Product  Name

Chinese Sunflower kernel

Moisture10% max
ConfectionUSD 1460-1510/mt – EURO 1358-1405/mt
BakeryUSD 1440-1530/mt – EURO 1340-1424/mt
Loading17mt /20GP
Package25kg paper bag
Delivery20 days after the contract