Pigeon Pea: Instability Arises as India Mulls Over Mou Cancellation

Pigeon Pea: Instability Arises as India Mulls Over MoU Cancellation Turmoil in pigeon peas As Govt's Memo May Ditch 200,000-Tonne Deal

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In a plot twist, the Indian government contemplates tearing up the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked with Mozambique for the import of a hefty 200,000 tonnes of pigeon peas dal. This sudden twist of fate comes after industry voices, like a chorus, echoed their concerns to the Prime Minister’s office.

Corruption Clouds the Culprit

A senior official, shrouded in anonymity, reveals, “The pigeon peas supply from Mozambique resembles a shaky performance, tangled in the web of corruption issues within their borders.” With no steadiness in the dal delivery, the government feels the stage is set for considering the cancellation of the MoU.

Government Caution Falls on Deaf Ears as Mozambique Stalls

Despite delivering stern warnings to Mozambique representatives, the government’s concerns have fallen on deaf ears. The unresolved issue has prompted contemplation of severing ties with the Dal deal. Caught in the tangled plot, the Indian Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA) sends an SOS to the Prime Minister’s Office. The president of IPGA sheds light on the corruption revealing, “Corrupt Mozambique officials have joined forces with a favored exporter, manipulating tur prices and monopolizing exports to India.”

Pigeon peas Stuck in African Ports Against Mozambique’s Monopoly

Mozambique’s primary cultivation of pigeon peas, intended for India, is under scrutiny. The alleged corruption and favoritism have created a bottleneck, leaving vast quantities stranded in African ports, eagerly awaiting their Indian journey.

Pigeon peas Prices Tumble Locally as Harvest Season Dawns

Harvest season in places like Koppal and Gulbarga in Karnataka triggers a softening in pigeon peas prices domestically. However, this local relief comes against the backdrop of a turbulent market, stirred by unpredictable weather and disease infestations. This year’s turbulent weather and pest invasions have elevated pigeon peas prices, contributing to a spike in food inflation. The retail inflation in the pulses category rises dramatically, with pigeon peas, chickpeas, and moong playing pivotal roles in this inflationary melody.

The government’s contemplation of cutting ties with Mozambique raises questions about the reliability of global trade partnerships. As pigeon peas prices soften locally as harvest progresses, the inflation suggests challenges in the pulse market.

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