Rainy Weather Impacts Manisa Raisin Production, Prices Expected to Rise

Rainy Weather Impacts Manisa Raisin Production

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Manisa, the capital of raisins, was greatly affected by the rainy weather this year. Last week’s sudden hailstorm caused the vineyards to be covered with a snow-white cover. The vineyards, which were also damaged by previous rains, damaged some vineyards, albeit partially. Authorities started working to assess the damage to the vineyards. This situation in the weather conditions was also reflected in the increase in prices.

An extremely rainy season may cause the mold rate in the vineyards to increase, so farmers will start to take precautions in the upcoming dry weather by spraying.

During the International Nut and Dried Fruit Congress in Vancouver in the first week of May, the production estimate for Türkiye for the 2024/2025 season was 250,000 mt, which would be about 45,000 mt more than last year, but still 50,000 mt less than an average year. Due to the weather conditions, price expectations for the coming weeks seem to be increasing further.