Red Small Bean Prices Expected to Weaken in the Short Term

Red Small Bean Prices Expected to Weaken in the Short Term

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Market Analysis: Trends and Projections

In Dalian, the short-term outlook for red small bean prices suggests a weakening trend. Increased enthusiasm in the producing areas for shipments and a rise in import substitution have led to a response from traders, who are experiencing slow movement of goods. Meanwhile, downstream procurement demand remains weak, with most buyers opting to wait and see, focusing on inventory digestion.

Factors Influencing Prices

The production area’s inventory costs are providing support to prices, with overall inventory levels showing a decline compared to the previous year. This reduction in inventory, coupled with import substitution trends, is contributing to the stability of prices in the face of weak demand.

Market Dynamics and Response

Traders in the producing areas are responding to the sluggish movement of goods, indicating a cautious approach in light of prevailing market conditions. While the short-term outlook suggests a weak trend, factors such as inventory levels and import substitution dynamics will continue to influence price movements in the red small bean market.

In conclusion, the red small bean market in Dalian is experiencing a period of weakened prices in the short term, driven by factors such as increased import substitution and sluggish demand. However, support from inventory levels in the production areas is contributing to price stability. Market participants are advised to monitor inventory dynamics and import trends to navigate the evolving market landscape effectively.

Current Market Price in China for Adzuki Beans

Product Name

Chinese Adzuki Beans

Size5.0mm up
Moisture14.5% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUSD 1610-1640/mt – EURO 1498-1526/mt
Organic  FOB DalianUSD 1680-1710/mt – EURO 1563-1591/mt
Delivery25 days after signing contract