Slovak Carriers Threaten to Close the Border for Ukrainian Trucks - Slovak Hauliers Resume Blocking the Border With Ukraine - Medyka-Shehyni Blocked Again By Polish Farmers - Romanian Farmers Blocked Siret-Porubne Checkpoint

Slovak Carriers Threaten to Close the Border for Ukrainian Trucks

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Slovak carriers are threatening to join their colleagues from Poland and strike at the Ukrainian border.

The Union of Motor Carriers of Slovakia threatens to block Ukrainian carriers from its side if the European Commission does not return the issuance of commercial permits for transportation within the European Union.

It is noted that large queues of trucks heading to Ukraine have already formed at the border crossing “Vyshnye Nimetske – Uzhhorod“. Freight transportation of humanitarian aid remains a priority, while drivers must present the necessary documents about the cargo.

According to the estimates of the Slovak Association of Transport Companies, over the past year and a half, the traffic of Ukrainian trucks has increased by approximately 600-800%. This, of course, is due to the war and the blockade of Ukrainian seaports. After which European Union canceled the permit requirement for Ukrainians.

However, Slovaks claim, it also creates room for numerous violations. Therefore, the Slovak carrier appealed to the Ministry of Transport of Slovakia with a request to check Ukrainians more thoroughly for illegal transfers, technical negligence of vehicles, and fraud with tachographs. In addition, they appealed to the Council of the EU to restore the licensing procedure for Ukrainian trucks.

If the European Transport Commission does not do this, then Slovak carriers are ready to immediately support their Polish colleagues at the Ukrainian border.

The State Border Service of Ukraine has not received information from Slovak colleagues about the preparation of a protest action so far.

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