Stability Expected in Dalian Buckwheat Market

Stability Expected in Dalian Buckwheat Market

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Overview: Buckwheat Market Outlook

The buckwheat market in Dalian is anticipated to remain stable in the coming days, with a relatively slow pace of purchase and sale transactions. However, attention is required to assess the impact of imports on market dynamics.

Availability of Domestic and Imported Buckwheat

Currently, there is still residual grain available in the domestic buckwheat market, while the supply of imported buckwheat remains sufficient. However, farmers are facing challenges as they are compelled to sell at lower prices, influenced by psychological factors.

Challenges in Downstream Processing

The downstream processing plants are yet to ramp up operations fully, leading to a need for demand restoration. Consequently, there is a lack of enthusiasm for temporary procurement of raw grain.

Market Dynamics and Price Trends

The current demand for buckwheat is relatively light, partly due to the impact of imported buckwheat. As a result, buckwheat prices are generally stable, with high-quality buckwheat maintaining its premium pricing despite the overall market conditions.

While the buckwheat market in Dalian faces challenges, including low prices and subdued demand, the presence of high-quality buckwheat at premium prices offers a ray of hope amidst the prevailing market conditions. Continued monitoring of import trends and demand fluctuations will be crucial for stakeholders in navigating the market landscape effectively.

Current Market Price in China for buckwheat kernel

Product  Name

Chinese Buckwheat kernel

Moisture15.5 % max
Package25kg paper bag
Loading20mt /20GP
Conventional Fob DalianUSD 890-920/mt – EURO 819-846/mt
Organic  Fob DalianUSD 980-1010/mt – EURO 902-929/mt
Delivery20 days after contract