Steady Market Outlook for Dry Ginger Despite Seasonal Shifts

Steady Market Outlook for Dry Ginger Despite Seasonal Shifts

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Resilience in Dry Ginger Prices as Summer Approaches

As summer takes hold, the dry ginger market has experienced a slight softening, yet prices remain at $1,44 to $1,56 per kg in Delhi’s wholesale markets. This adjustment follows a modest increase of $0,12 to $0,18 per kg, after previously decreasing by $0,06 to $0,30 per kg.

Seasonal Influence on Ginger Demand and Supply

The demand for ginger generally peaks during the cooler months, but with rising temperatures, supplies from key regions like Bangalore have started to taper off. This supply constraint has nudged prices upwards, previously reaching a peak of $2,40 to $2,70 per kg. Following a period of high market prices, farmers capitalised by selling nearly their entire crop, causing a temporary spike to $2,40 per kg in markets like Kochi.

Fluctuations in the Kochi Market

The Kochi market, a critical hub for dry ginger in Kerala, has not faced significant pressure from new arrivals. Earlier, prices for common dry ginger climbed sharply by $18 to $24 per quintal but have since corrected to $456 to $462 per quintal after a drop of $12 due to profit-booking activities by stockists.

Current Trends and Future Outlook

While fresh dry ginger arrivals in Kerala are sporadic and priced higher, the recent market behavior suggests a stabilization of prices at $4.68 to $4.92 per kg. Despite minor adjustments, there is no anticipated downturn in the dry ginger market in the foreseeable future, underscoring a stable demand trajectory as the season progresses.