Government Takes All the Necessary Steps to Control the Prices of Onion - Strategic Measures to Mitigate the Onion Predicament in Maharashtra India

Strategic Measures to Mitigate the Onion Predicament in Maharashtra India Central Administration Takes Decisive Action

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NAFED’s Pivotal Role in Onion Procurement

In response to the widespread and fervent demonstrations amongst onion cultivators in Maharashtra, the federal government has undertaken a resolute course of action by acquiring a substantial 0.2 million metric tonnes of onions from the state’s farmers. This proactive endeavour shall be meticulously executed through the auspices of the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd (NAFED), at a commendable valuation of USD 28.97 per quintal. To ensure the seamless and efficient procurement of onions, specialized acquisition centers will be meticulously instituted in the Nashik and Ahmednagar districts.

The imperative for this resolute decision was principally instigated by the pervasive discontent that permeated among onion cultivators, following the imposition of a substantial 40% export duty on onions by the Union government. This regulatory maneuver was expressly designed to curb the unabated escalation in the pricing of onions, which had, in recent times, witnessed a formidable surge from the meager range of USD 0,36 – 0,42 per kilogram to a rather exorbitant range of USD 0,54 – 0,72 per kilogram.

Escalation of Unrest:

Demonstrations and Politicians Endeavour to Forge Solutions

In the wake of the government’s calculated response, the Nashik Onion Traders Association executed a momentous decision by indefinitely suspending the traditional practice of onion auctions at all Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC). Furthermore, an array of farmer-centric organizations fervently mobilized and staged vociferous demonstrations in the Nashik and Ahmednagar districts, articulating their fervent concerns and grievances.

Concurrently, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who was stationed on an official sojourn in Japan, convened telephonic deliberations with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal. During these high-level consultations, he diligently conveyed the prevailing agitation and unrest among the agrarian populace and fervently implored the central government’s benevolent intervention to ameliorate their grievances.

The provincial administration also accentuated the pivotal significance of not estranging the venerable farming community in Maharashtra, underlining, in particular, the distinguished stature of the Lasalgaon market in Nashik as the nation’s preeminent onion trading hub.


The government’s resolute commitment to procure onions at standardized prices through NAFED attests to its unwavering dedication to confront the onion predicament in Maharashtra. Notwithstanding, a constellation of challenges persists, as protests surge and farmer concerns continue to mount with unwavering intensity.

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