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Ukraine Is Considering Plan B for a “Grain Initiative”

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If during the next prolongation, it is not possible to expand the grain initiative through other cargoes and open the ports of the Mykolaiv region, then the government plans to apply an alternative option to ensure the grain corridor. This was stated by Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories Development Yurii Vaskov in an interview with the Ports of Ukraine publication.

Vaskov stressed that Russia is sabotaging the Grain Agreement in order to weaken the Ukrainian economy by curbing the agro-export market.

He also noted that our side is working to expand the terms of consent so that the ports of the Mykolaiv region can be involved in it, and the range of cargoes has been expanded. And if this cannot be done, then the implementation of the “plan B” is possible.

“Food prices will definitely rise”

We are forced to consider the option of working without the Grain Initiative. But food prices in the world in this case will definitely rise. Therefore, everyone who is interested in a stable global market should now work to ensure that the Initiative is continued and expanded. We are constantly in these dialogues. Which option will be chosen will become clear a little later.

For the world and for us, a full restoration of shipping will be preferred – this is a priority. And this is our right as a state according to international conventions. The grain initiative is a temporary form that minimizes the consequences of war on world food security. If we see that this temporary measure does not give the desired effect, we will consider plan B and implement it.” Vaskov explained.”

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