Garlic Market Evolution: Unravelling Fluctuations, Imports, and Future Outlook

The Sowing of Garlic in Rajasthan Decreased by 50% This Year

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Garlic sowing in Rajasthan has been completed. On average, the state sowing of good quality garlic is 45% compared to last year, and 50% of indigenous garlic has been sown.

Sowing reduced

Due to the low price of garlic and high average prices of other commodities like gram, mustard, wheat and other winter crops, farmers have drastically reduced garlic sowing. This year, there is an average delay of 1 month in the garlic season, due to which the arrival will be late.

There is not much stock of old garlic in Rajasthan, but old garlic will continue to arrive till December and January. Due to the low price of garlic, the traders have also stocked some quantity. Apart from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are estimated to have 5 million bags of garlic in the country. If there is a boom in January, then there is a perception of selling by the stockists.

Harmed quality

There is no such thing as a boom in the market. The quality of the goods is also harmed, which makes it hard to hike. The goods will get stale as the cold increases, and there are very few chances of an average rise. There is a perception that the quality will be affected if the stock goods or the goods lying in the farmers’ houses get cold.

To conclude, there is an assumption that there will be few hindrances if new goods arrive in the current season, but there is no big boom in the old ones. Thus, the commodity’s situation is like waiting and watching.


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