The World Coffee Conference 2023 Gathers in India

The World Coffee Conference 2023 Gathers in India India Takes Center Stage as Global Coffee Leaders Convene for Sustainability and Export Growth

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The World Coffee Conference 2023, a four-day international coffee gathering in India, is set to bolster India’s standing in the global and domestic coffee markets. It promises to boost coffee exports both in quantity and value. The Indian government has allocated USD 1.17 Million ( INR 12.5 crore) plus GST from the Coffee Board’s internal budget to host the WCC, with industry players contributing to half of the costs.

Conference Details and Significance

Scheduled from September 25-28, 2023, at Bangalore Palace Ground, the 5th World Coffee Conference 2023 will convene 2,000 delegates, leaders, and decision-makers from over 80 countries. Their aim is to engage in discussions, debates, and collaborative efforts geared toward establishing a sustainable coffee industry from the cultivation of coffee beans to the enjoyment of coffee by consumers. This event is organized by the International Coffee Organization (ICO), headquartered in London and established by the United Nations.

India’s Coffee Status

India is hosting this prestigious international coffee event for the first time, a recognition of its status as a major producer of top-quality coffee, backed by a supportive and vibrant ecosystem. India’s coffee production includes the renowned Robusta variety, considered the world’s best, and arabica coffee, ranking second globally and commanding a premium comparable to Colombian beans. Colombia has already launched significant consumer campaigns. India’s coffee exports currently exceed $1 billion.

Expected Impact

Following the World Coffee Conference, the Coffee Board expects an immediate 10% to 15% increase in both export volume and value for Indian coffees in international markets. This boost is expected to help India establish a prominent coffee brand on the global stage. Additionally, the event is likely to invigorate India’s domestic coffee market, driving technological advancements, increased investments, job creation, and offering consumers a wider range of coffee choices.


Over 2,500 attendees, including coffee growers, roasters, curers, exporters, traders, cafe owners, and retailers, are expected to participate in the World Coffee Conference. This diverse group includes over 300 foreign delegates representing 60 countries, along with 40 global CEOs and 50 Indian CEOs. The Coffee Board has already distributed 36,000 business delegate passes, with plans to distribute or sell another 15,000 passes.

In summary, the World Coffee Conference 2023 promises to elevate India’s position in the global and domestic coffee markets, boost exports, and showcase its exceptional coffee varieties while fostering international collaboration and discussions on sustainability in the coffee industry.


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