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Ukraine Exported More Than 5 Million Tons of Grain in March 2023

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According to the latest data from the State Customs Service, as of March 30, Ukraine exported 5.085 million tons of grains in March.

Since the beginning of MY 2022/23, Ukraine has exported 37.382 million tons of grain and leguminous crops. The overall export indicator is significantly lower to the result for the same date of the previous season (44.895 million tons). But in March this year shipments are almost 4 times more than last year (as of March 30, 2022 – 1.38 million tons).

In terms of crops, since the beginning of the current season, Ukraine has reached the following export volumes:

wheat – 12.761 million tons (in March – 1.423 million tons);

barley – 2.267 million tons (217 thousand tons);

rye – 17.4 thousand tons (1.8 thousand tons);

corn – 22.035 million tons (3.431 million tons).

The total export of Ukrainian flour as of March 30 is estimated at 152.3 thousand tons (in March – 20.3 thousand tons), incl. wheat – 109.9 thousand tons (14.9 thousand tons).

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