Ukraine has exported almost 30 million tons of grains this season. Export of Ukrainian grain in the current season is more than 5 million tons higher than last year.

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ODESA: According to the operational data of the State Customs Service, as of December 20, Ukraine has exported 29.373 million tons of grains since the beginning of 2021/22 MY. This is 5.276 million tons more than on the same date a year earlier.

Shipment of Ukrainian grain in December reached 3.277 million tons.

In terms of crops, Ukrainian agrarians have exported:

  • 15.402 million tons of wheat  (+3.18 million tons compared to last year)
  • 5.1 million tons of barley (+1.355 million tons)
  • 86.7 thousand tons of rye (+85 thousand tons)
  • 8.553 million tons of corn (+804 thousand tons)