Ukraine Offers Solutions for Exports to 5 Neighboring Countries

Ukraine Offers Solutions for Exports to 5 Neighboring Countries

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In accordance with the decision of the European Commission, Ukraine is introducing a procedure for verifying the export of 4 agricultural crops (wheat, rapeseed, corn and sunflower) to 5 neighboring EU countries and will not export products without their consent, – said the Minister of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine M. Solskyi at a meeting with the Ministers of Agriculture of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

It is assumed that Ukraine will issue licenses within 30 days after receiving the export application, and at this time will inform the European Commission and the authorities of the relevant country about the receipt of the application. The government has already adopted a resolution, so exports to the specified countries without their approval do not currently take place.

The mechanism of export only upon agreement with the neighboring country is as clear and constructive as possible, as it takes into account the interests of all parties. Ukraine has already sent proposals regarding the operation of this mechanism to neighboring countries and is waiting for answers, but so far only Romania has officially responded.

At the same time, Solsky thanked Bulgaria for its readiness to find constructive solutions despite intense pressure, Romania for its understanding and significant support, Hungary and Slovakia for its readiness to negotiate, Poland for its maximum support throughout the war and consideration of Ukrainian proposals. Productive negotiations are the key to settling the situation and stability of the agricultural sector of all countries.

We will remind you that the European Commission canceled the ban on the import of Ukrainian wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia after September 15.

60% of all transportation through Romania

Compared to last year, the volume of transportation of Ukrainian goods through Poland decreased by three times, and now 60% of all transportation of agricultural products from Ukraine goes through Romania, which allows the use of the ports of the Danube and Constanta,” – reported European Commissioner for Transport Adina Velyan.

“But now not all our capacities (solidarity corridors) are fully used, in particular in Poland, so we hope to increase transit to 4 million tons per month. The capabilities exist, but for various reasons, which I would not like to comment on now, they are not fully used,” the European Commissioner said.

If Poland did not artificially create obstacles for the transit of grain from Ukraine, then there would be no complaints about the import of grain to Poland itself. But we hope that these are only pre-election distortions in politics, which will soon be resolved.

Source: Graintrade

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