Ukrainian Farmers Complete Spring Sowing and Begin Harvesting 2024 Crop

Ukrainian Farmers Complete Spring Sowing and Begin Harvesting 2024 Crop

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Spring Sowing Campaign Successfully Concluded

Ukrainian farmers have wrapped up the spring sowing campaign, covering nearly 13 million hectares of spring crops, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. This milestone includes 7.2 million hectares of oilseeds and almost 5.6 million hectares of cereals and legumes.

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Details of Spring Sowing

As of June 9, 2023, the following sowing data has been reported:

  • Corn: 3.928 million hectares (100.4% of the forecasted area) compared to 4.02 million hectares last year.
  • Barley: 783 thousand hectares (95.7%) compared to 810 thousand hectares a year ago.
  • Wheat: 252.7 thousand hectares (102.6%) compared to 271 thousand hectares last year.
  • Oats:163.7 thousand hectares (100.7%) compared to 146 thousand hectares.
  • Peas: 162.5 thousand hectares (101.6%) compared to 138.5 thousand hectares.
  • Buckwheat: 100.8 thousand hectares (80.7%) compared to 119.7 thousand hectares.
  • Millet: 69.7 thousand hectares (81.8%) compared to 49.1 thousand hectares a year ago.

Oilseeds Planting Data

  • Sunflower: 5.189.8 million hectares (98%) compared to 5.284 million hectares last year.
  • Soybeans: 2.032.3 million hectares (102%) compared to 1.77 million hectares a year ago.

Sugar Beets and Winter Crops

  • Sugar Beets: 250.1 thousand hectares (97%) compared to 213.1 thousand hectares last year.
  • Winter Wheat: 4.2 million hectares sown for the 2024 harvest, compared to 4.4 million hectares in 2023.
  • Winter Barley:470 thousand hectares compared to 536 thousand hectares.
  • Winter Rapeseed: 1.164 million hectares compared to 1.396 million hectares last year.

Early Harvest in Mykolaiv Region

The grain harvest in Ukraine began earlier than usual this year, with farmers in the Mykolaiv region being the first to start. Yuriy Kormyshkin, the owner of the Southern Agrarian Export Company (SAEC), reported the early commencement.

“Each year, the harvest starts earlier. Mykolaiv region, as always, is the first. Today, the harvest of winter barley has begun in the fields of one of the company’s farms, LLC SP SAEC. The combines are in the field. God bless us to calmly harvest the crop. We thank our defenders for the opportunity to continue working on our native land. Together to Victory!” Kormyshkin wrote.

The successful completion of the spring sowing campaign and the early start of the harvest season are positive indicators for Ukraine’s agricultural sector. Despite challenges, including the weather and geopolitical tensions, Ukrainian farmers demonstrate resilience and commitment. Monitoring the ongoing harvest and market conditions will be crucial for optimizing yields and ensuring stable food supplies.