Unilateral Ban on Ukraine by Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

Unilateral Ban on Ukraine by Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

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After the European Commission lifted the ban on grain imports from Ukraine on September 15, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia introduced unilateral, indefinite restrictions, reports Graintrade.

What is more, Poland’s decision “to unilaterally ban the import of agricultural products from Ukraine indefinitely” came into force at midnight on Saturday, September 16, contrary to the decision of the European Commission.

The Polish government declares that “it will not listen to Berlin or von der Leyen, Tusk or Weber, and despite the cancellation of the ban by the European Commission, it will continue it independently, in the interests of the country’s farmers.” Elections will be held in Poland on October 15, so these statements are mainly of a political nature.

Hungary banned 24 types of Ukrainian products

Following Poland, Hungary also banned the import of 24 types of Ukrainian products to protect its farmers: meat of cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens, wheat, rye, barley, corn and their products, vegetables, sugar and wine. At the same time, the ban does not apply to goods in transit, but they must leave the territory of the country within 15 days.

Slovak authorities banned certain products

On Friday evening, the Slovak authorities announced the introduction of a unilateral ban on the import of certain types of agricultural products from Ukraine until the end of the year, including wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower, in order to reduce excessive pressure on the Slovak market, protect local farmers and in response to a similar move by on the part of Poland and Hungary.

The Bulgarian government lifted the ban on imports from Ukraine, and the Romanian government will consider the matter on Monday, after consultations with Ukraine on limiting supplies from Ukraine to Romania. At the same time, from January to August, transit deliveries of Ukrainian grain to Romanian ports reached 9.2 million tons.

EC is developing new system for imports from Ukraine

After the introduction of a unilateral ban by Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, the European Commission called on these countries to be constructive and compromise. Currently, the European Commission is developing a new system for importing grain from Ukraine. And on Monday there will be a meeting with representatives of all interested EU countries to discuss this issue in detail in order to implement the new system as soon as possible.


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