Will Already Doubled Garlic Prices Continue to Rise? - Indonesia Ramps Up Garlic Imports - India's Sizzling Export Success Of Garlic in FY2024

Will Already Doubled Garlic Prices Continue to Rise?

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Prices are doubling up

As per the latest market rates as on 29th of June 2023, the average Garlic price in Gujarat is USD 0,73 per kg. The lowest market price is USD 0,54 per kg and the higher market price is 94.50 per kg. In Rajasthan prices of garlic at higher sides are seen at USD 1,146 per kg. At present there is a huge demand one can see in the market and the price can reach up to USD 2,30 per kg for good quality garlic. Prices are just doubling up.

If the climate supports and the monsoon season is decent, sowing can be done in good amounts. But good sowing is also depended on seed availability at affordable prices in August – September. If the price of garlic seeds also becomes high it might have an effect on sowing.

Garlic crop situation in major states of India

Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh have increased a lot this year while in the state of Rajasthan, 40% of crops have been damaged this year due to heavy rains. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, it is somewhere neutral. In Rajasthan, 55% of garlic has arrived in the marketing yard for sale. News from Madhya Pradesh is coming that 60 to 70% of goods have come into the market. From Rajasthan garlic is exported to Bangladesh, Vietnam and Malaysia. 

Stockists are also in good demand for garlic. Traders from Gujarat are stocking garlic from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan as well.

Good export demand

This time export response for Indian garlic is good due to the reduction in China’s garlic crop. China is also exporting garlic to other countries too but production in China has decreased by 30%. Also, the price of garlic in China has gone up by USD 400, and at present it is in the range of USD 1,75 – 1,85. Apart from less production & higher prices the size of garlic has also decreased to 4.5 – 5.5 centimeters. The general size of garlic in China is 6 – 6.5 centimeters.

These accumulated reasons diverted Bangladesh’s traders towards India. As per the opinion of the local traders from Bangladesh, there is a demand of 5 – 7.5 Million bags of garlic will be needed in the current year which seems that export business in the garlic market is going to be better this year. Not only from Bangladesh but there is also good demand for Indian dehydrated garlic from Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Sentiments for the garlic market are looking super bullish. It will accelerate due to a lesser amount of crop and strong export as well as local business opportunities at present moment.

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