Yunnan Exporters Report Scarcity of Large White Kidney Beans

Yunnan Exporters Report Scarcity of Large White Kidney Beans

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Stock Shortages and High Prices

Export participants in Yunnan are reporting a scarcity of Chinese stocks of large white kidney beans, driving prices to high levels. Traders are exercising caution in restocking due to the prevailing market conditions characterized by limited availability and elevated prices.

Market Movement and Export Dynamics

In response to the scarcity of stocks, the market is witnessing transactions occurring in small quantities, reflecting the cautious approach adopted by traders. Standard export quotes for large white kidney beans have surpassed $3,300 per tonne, with some stockholders anticipating even higher prices. This continuous upward trend in prices is contributing to a subdued export market environment.

Organic Product Pricing

Furthermore, the standard export price for organic large white kidney beans has exceeded $3,430 per tonne, indicating robust demand and premium pricing for organic variants in the market.

The feedback from export participants in Yunnan underscores the challenges posed by stock shortages and high prices in the large white kidney bean market. With traders exercising caution and prices continuing to rise, the export market for this commodity remains subdued. Market participants will closely monitor price movements and adjust their strategies accordingly to navigate the current market conditions effectively.

Current Market Price in China for large white kidney bean

Product  Name

Large white kidney bean

Moisture16% max
Package25kg PP bag
Loading22mt /20GP
Conv. Fob DalianUSD 3220-3250/mt – EURO 2997-3024/mt
Org.  Fob DalianUSD 3320-3350/mt – EURO 3090 – 3118/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract