American Almond Exports Will Blossom with Strategic Initiatives

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Identifying Growth Avenues In Almonds

In the almond industry, a concerted effort led by the Almond Board of California is underway to boost exports. This initiative encompasses expanding existing markets and venturing into untapped territories. The board also has a keen eye on promising opportunities in India.

Strategic Collaboration with FAS

The Almond Board of California collaborates closely with the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Their joint mission is to not only explore fresh markets but also to fortify footholds in current ones. Recently, FAS identified Italy and Bulgaria in Europe as potential markets. These newfound markets are ripe for the growth of American almond exports.

European Prospects and Beyond

The US almond industry is poised for significant gains, with millions of dollars predicted in almond exports to Italy and Bulgaria in 2024. Simultaneously, India stands out as a strategic market where substantial improvements in almond exports are anticipated, building upon its current status as the top export market for American almonds.

Triumph Over Trade Barriers

India’s recent removal of additional fees imposed on American almonds and other products signals a positive turn. Experts from the Almond Board of California observe the discernible impact of this trade barrier removal in India. Projections for 2024 paint a picture of growing exports. These exports are expected to reach a billion dollars.

Nurturing Tradition and Nutrition

The allure of almonds in India is deeply rooted in tradition and culture. The United States is tailoring its marketing efforts to emphasise this historical connection. Investments in nutrition research in India stress the commitment to supporting and strengthening the bond between American almonds and the rich Indian culture.


As the almond industry continues to expand international markets, the focus on India as a critical player remains firm. The journey to increase American almond exports to India is not just a short-term endeavor but an enduring commitment. This echoes the industry’s confidence in India’s diverse and vibrant market.

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