Black kidney beans

Chinese Black Kidney Bean: Higher Than Expected Prices

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DALIAN: This week, the black kidney beans in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang were harvested one after another. The quality of the new grains was acceptable. The grains were slightly smaller than last year. The grain merchant’s intention to purchase the new raw grain is 0.863 US dollars/kg, but it has not reached the psychologically expected price of farmers, and the low-priced goods are not active. At present, the new grains in Fuxin area of Liaoning Province have not been harvested yet. We are concerned about the post-harvest price, which may affect the price of black kidney beans.

Current Market Price in China for Black kidney bean

Product  NameChinese Black kidney bean
Moisture16% max
Package25kg PP bag
Loading22mt /20GP
Fob DalianUsd 1260-1300/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract