Chinese Buckwheat Market 2023 Crop Will Soon Be Available

Chinese Buckwheat Market: 2023 Crop Will Soon Be Available

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DALIAN: In the Chinese buckwheat market this week, offers are for reference only. Traders’ wait-and-see atmosphere is more obvious.

Imported buckwheat prices are firm, narrowing the gap. Conventional buckwheat is mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, and prices are stable. Organic buckwheat exports are mainly to the European Union, and a small decline is expected in prices for new stock. Continue to focus on the recent volume changes and buckwheat harvest.

Current Market Price in Chinese buckwheat kernel

Product  NameChinese Buckwheat kernel
Moisture15.5 % max
Package25kg paper bag
Loading20mt /20GP
Conventional Fob DalianUSD 980-1030/mt
Organic     Fob DalianUsd 1110-1140
Delivery20 days after the contract

Import/Export Statistics

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