The Sunflower Market to See Bottom Price in Ukraine

The Sunflower Market to See “Bottom Price” in Ukraine

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The sunflower market in Ukraine will pass through a “bottom price” in early October, according to analysts from PUSK. Ukrainian oil producers are loaded with raw materials, which caused the collapse of domestic purchase prices for sunflower seeds.

Inside the country, processing plants began to collapse the prices of sunflower, because they contracted the necessary volumes of raw materials for September. There are plants with oilseeds stocks for September and October. Others with stocks for 2-3 weeks. Accordingly, processors will buy raw materials in a wide price range of UAH 10,500-12,500/ton (EUR 265-316/ton). Experts expect that the market will see the lowest prices in the first weeks of October.

Despite the ban on the import of Ukrainian oilseeds to 5 neighboring EU countries, Bulgaria is actively contracting sunflower now. They are expecting to lift the ban after September 15th.

According to analysts, a certain decrease in the prices of vegetable oils on the global market will also support the formed downward price trend on the Ukrainian sunflower market.

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