Dalian Adzuki Bean Market: Inventory Management and Price Adjustments

Dalian Adzuki Bean Market: Inventory Management and Price Adjustments

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Traders Focus on Inventory Digestion

In Dalian, traders in producing areas are primarily focused on digesting their existing inventory. Prices are currently supported by inventory costs, although some traders are still selling at lower prices to move their stock. This inventory management strategy is crucial as the market adjusts to current conditions.

Downstream Market Adjustments

The downstream market is also engaged in digesting existing inventory. Some buyers are procuring on demand, leading to price adjustments in sales areas based on purchase prices. This flexible approach helps balance supply and demand, ensuring that inventory levels are managed effectively.

Year-on-Year Inventory Decline

Overall, inventory levels have declined compared to the same period last year. This reduction in inventory reflects the ongoing efforts by traders to manage their stock efficiently amid varying market conditions.

Export Market Challenges

Export orders for adzuki beans have decreased during the summer, leading some exporters to cut prices to stimulate sales. This reduction in export orders poses a challenge for the market, but price adjustments may help maintain a steady flow of goods.

Current Market Price in China

The current market price for adzuki beans in China reflects these dynamics, with traders and buyers navigating the complexities of inventory management and market demand.


The Dalian adzuki bean market is experiencing a period of adjustment, with traders focusing on inventory digestion and price adjustments to balance supply and demand. The decline in export orders and year-on-year inventory levels highlights the challenges faced by the market. Stakeholders should continue to monitor these trends and adapt their strategies to ensure stability and growth in the coming months.

Product Name

Chinese Adzuki Beans

Size5.0mm up
Moisture14.5% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUSD 1610-1640/mt – EURO 1497-1525/mt
Organic  FOB DalianUSD 1690-1720/mt – EURO 1571-1599/mt
Delivery25 days after signing contract