Dalian Buckwheat Market Faces Low Demand Amid Import Pressures

Dalian Buckwheat Market Faces Low Demand Amid Import Pressures

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Low Market Demand and Impact of Imports

The current demand for buckwheat in Dalian is low, significantly impacted by the influx of imported buckwheat. As a result, buckwheat prices are generally not high. However, high-quality buckwheat continues to fetch good prices due to its superior quality.

Farmers’ Response to Market Conditions

Farmers are selling their buckwheat at low prices in an effort to stabilize the price trend. This strategy aims to manage the surplus and mitigate the downward pressure on prices caused by the abundance of imported buckwheat.

Concerns Over Imported Buckwheat

The market remains concerned about the impact of imported buckwheat on local prices and demand. The influx of cheaper imports has created a competitive environment, challenging local farmers to maintain their profit margins while keeping prices competitive.

Decline in Domestic Planting Area

Predictions indicate a decline in the domestic buckwheat planting area for the new season. This reduction is attributed to the current market conditions and the economic pressures faced by farmers. The decline in planting area may lead to a tighter supply in the future, which could influence market trends.


The Dalian buckwheat market is currently experiencing a challenging period due to low demand and competitive pressures from imports. Farmers are adopting strategies to stabilize prices, but the decline in domestic planting area signals potential changes in supply dynamics. Stakeholders should closely monitor these developments to adapt to the evolving market conditions and make informed decisions.


Product  Name

Chinese Buckwheat Kernel

Moisture15.5 % max
Package25kg paper bag
Loading20mt /20GP
Conventional Fob DalianUSD 830-850/mt – EURO 771-790/mt
Organic Fob DalianUSD 910-940/mt – EURO 846-874/mt
Delivery20 days after contract