EU Countries Increased Sunflower Oil Imports by 42%

EU Countries Increased Sunflower Oil Imports by 42%

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In the period from July 1 to September 24 this year the EU countries imported more than 3.57 million tons of major oilseed crops, which is 25% lower than in the same period last season.

According to the monitoring data of the European Commission specialists, EU imported;

  • 2.69 million tons of soybeans (+2% for the year)
  • more than 825 thousand tons of rapeseed (-41%)
  • 55.1 thousand tons of sunflower seeds (-92%)

Brazil, USA, Australia, Uruguay, Canada and Ukraine became the main suppliers of these products to Europe for almost 3 months. Smaller shipments of oilseeds also came from Serbia, Moldova, Argentina and China.

Against the background of reduced purchases of raw materials, EU countries increased imports of vegetable oil by 12% (from July 1 to September 24, 2023). For example, imports of soybean oil increased to 187.7 thousand tons (+98% over the year), sunflower oil – to 553.3 thousand tons (+42%), rapeseed oil – to 120.95 thousand tons (+4%). However, palm oil supplies sagged – to 821.11 thousand tons (-9%).

Indonesia, Malaysia, Guatemala, Ukraine, Belarus and Argentina supplied the most oil to the EU in the reporting period.

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