Fennel Prices Soar as Demand Surges and Stock Shrinks - Fennel Flourishes in Gujarat's Expansive Fields

Fennel Flourishes in Gujarat’s Expansive Fields Gujarat's Fennel Fields Blossom Amid Favorable Conditions

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In a twist of fate driven by enticing prices and ideal weather, Gujarat witnesses a remarkable surge in fennel cultivation this season. According to the latest data from the State Agriculture Department, all major fennel-producing regions in the state have experienced a substantial increase in sowing. This season, Gujarat boasts a total fennel cultivation of 129,000 hectares, marking an extraordinary leap from the previous year’s 48,500 hectares. The surge indicates an impressive 165.97 percent growth in fennel cultivation compared with last season.

Regional Renaissance Of Fennel Across Gujarat

A distinctive feature of this season’s fennel cultivation in Gujarat is the widespread increase in all major producing areas of the state. In three out of four growing regions, there’s been a notable surge in sowing, ranging from 126 to 239 percent. Surprisingly, Kutch, not traditionally the leading fennel-producing region, has witnessed the most significant spike in cultivation. The State Agriculture Department’s latest data reveals fennel sowing in Kutch has surged to 9,500 hectares compared to the previous year’s 2,800 hectares—a staggering 239.28 percent increase.

Saurashtra Leads As Gujarat’s Fennel Hub

Saurashtra emerges as Gujarat’s primary fennel-producing region, showcasing an impressive growth trajectory. The latest State Agriculture Department data indicates a substantial increase in fennel cultivation, reaching 91,100 hectares this season compared to 31,300 hectares in the previous year—a remarkable surge of 191.05 percent.

Central Gujarat Surges As Fennel Fields Flourish

Central Gujarat, too, witnessed a surge in fennel cultivation, reaching 3,400 hectares, showcasing a notable increase from the previous year’s 1,500 hectares. The data highlights a substantial wave of 126.66 percent in cultivating this major grocery commodity in the region.

North Gujarat’s Steady Rise

While experiencing growth, North Gujarat showcases a rise of less than 100 percent. The State Agriculture Department’s latest data reveals fennel cultivation of 25,000 hectares this season compared to 12,900 hectares in the previous year—a significant increase of 93.79 percent.

The table below illustrates the comparison and growth rate.


Fennel Cultivation (Current Season)

Fennel Cultivation (Previous Year)

Growth Percentage

Gujarat (Total)129,000 hectares48,500 hectares165.97%
Kutch9,500 hectares2,800 hectares239.28%
Saurashtra91,100 hectares31,300 hectares191.05%
Central Gujarat3,400 hectares1,500 hectares126.66%
North Gujarat25,000 hectares12,900 hectares93.79%

The surge in fennel cultivation across Gujarat is a promising agricultural development. With widespread cultivation and favorable conditions, the fennel market is poised for growth, offering economic opportunities and contributing to the region’s agricultural prosperity. As fields flourish with fennel, the future looks bright for this aromatic spice in Gujarat.

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