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Food Prices in Sweden Has Risen in Price Over the Year by 45%

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Food prices in Sweden in 2022 on average increased immediately by 20%.” This is reported by the TV4 TV channel according to the data from the National Organization of Pensioners.

“Yeah, now it’s starting to show up on my wallet,” says one local shopper. “You notice that the prices of the basic goods you buy suddenly skyrocket and everything costs much, much more than usual.”

According to PRO experts, rapeseed oil has risen in price in the country over the past year – immediately by 45%.” At the same time, the rise in prices also significantly affected butter, rice, flour, coffee, cream and milk.

Recall that inflation in Sweden at the end of 2022 exceeded the mark of 10% for the first time since 1991.

“The twelve-month inflation rate for Fixed Rate Consumer Price Index in December 2022 was 10.2 percent compared to 9.5 percent in November,” the country’s Statistics Office said.

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