High Prices Persist in Yunnan's Large White Kidney Bean Market Amid Supply Shortages

High Prices Persist in Yunnan’s Large White Kidney Bean Market Amid Supply Shortages

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Scarcity of Supplies and Record High Prices

Exporters in Yunnan have provided feedback indicating that the market for large white kidney beans is experiencing scarcity in producing areas, leading to record-high prices. Buyers are finding it challenging to accept these elevated price levels, contributing to a cautious atmosphere in the market. Traders are exercising caution in replenishing their stocks, and market transactions are occurring in small quantities. Standard quality supplies for export are quoted at more than US$3,400 per tonne, with some holders anticipating further price increases, thus sustaining the upward price trend.

Cautious Market Dynamics and Export Challenges

Market dynamics are characterized by cautiousness among traders and a weak export market. The reluctance to accept high prices and the cautious approach to replenishment are influencing market movements. Exporters are quoting prices above the US$3,400 mark, and expectations for even higher prices persist among some market participants. However, these conditions are contributing to a subdued export market environment.

Price Forecast Amid Seasonal Changes

As the weather warms up, prices are forecasted to gradually decline. Standard export quotes for organic products are expected to remain above $3,470 per tonne, reflecting the persistent high price levels in the market. Market participants should monitor seasonal changes closely, as fluctuations in weather patterns could impact supply dynamics and price movements in the coming period.

The large white kidney bean market in Yunnan continues to face supply shortages, leading to record-high prices. Cautious market dynamics and export challenges are contributing to a subdued trading environment. However, with the onset of warmer weather, prices are anticipated to gradually decline, although standard export prices for organic products are expected to remain elevated. Stay informed about market developments to navigate potential price fluctuations effectively.

Current Market Price in China for Large White Kidney Bean

Product  Name

Large White Kidney Bean

Moisture16% max
Package25kg PP bag
Loading22mt /20GP
Conv. Fob DalianUSD 3380-3410/mt – EURO 3135-3163/mt
Org.  Fob DalianUSD 3460-3480/mt – EURO 3210-3228/mt
Delivery20 days after the contract